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Download: organic_nomenclature_moodle_questions.xml

Downloading: organic_nomenclature_moodle_questions.xml Organic nomenclature with Moodle

We had some time left over this year after finishing the regular curriculum, so I added on a short organic nomenclature unit. Tim Hunt and the Open University team maintain an outstanding Moodle plugin that uses the JSME Molecular Editor to accept student line drawing input, convert it to a SMILES string, and check it against a "right answer" SMILES string. The editor runs on Javascript and works on every platform I've tried, including Chromebook and iPad.

Organic nomenclature with Moodle

There are 130 total questions in my item bank:

  • 21 alkanes and haloalkanes (e.g. "Draw 2,3-dimethylbutane")
  • 16 alkenes, alkynes, and their halogenated derivatives (e.g. "Draw¬†trans-2,3-dichlorobutane")
  • 29 molecules with functional groups (e.g. "Draw propane-1,2,3-triol")
  • 10 molecules with multiple mixed functional groups (e.g. "Draw 1,6-diphenylhexan-3-one")
  • 27 questions of the type "Give the systematic IUPAC name for the molecule in this picture"

All questions are based on systematic IUPAC nomenclature (e.g. ethanoic acid) for the sake of consistency, and do not award credit for preferred or common names (e.g. acetic acid).

Download the question bank from the link below.